Our Story

Founded in 2019

Founded by two best friends in Brooklyn, after designing 3D printable assistive devices for people with disabilities, Amin and Jed decided to redesign the gift mug.

It all started in 2017

Open-Source Assistive Devices Designed for Amputees

We started Blue Heart Hero, a non-profit organization. To empower the lives of those who need simple solutions to their problems.

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What we learned

The problem lies in the design of products, tasks, and services.

We quickly learned to design task-based solutions for amputees and create a library of open-source designs for people to download and fabricate for themselves.

Simple and Impactful

A thoughtfully-designed mug can benefit everyone, businesses can improve their customer relations, coffee enthusiast can enjoy their drinks better, and the under-represented groups can enjoy a beverage without extra help.

  • Inclusivity

    We strive to create products that are accessible and cater to people of diverse abilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and enriching experience.

  • Innovation

    Through our continuous pursuit of new ideas, and designs, we aim to challenge the status quo and push the boundaries of what's possible in creating ergonomic and stylish products.

  • Quality

    We are committed to delivering premium-quality products that are built to last, providing our customers with a reliable and enjoyable experience.

  • Jed Tango

    A Mechanical Engineer with a passion for adaptive design. Jed loves building his hydroponic systems.

  • Jazmin de la Guardia

    The co-founder at Franca NYC and Art Director at CURVD.

  • Amin Hasani

    A product designer and engineer. He loves to cook pizza and take good care of his plants and herbs.

  • Gary Anzalone

    Managing Principal - Razor Consulting

    Business Development

  • Dave Ness

    Former Senior VP - Numerator

    Client Deliverable

  • Lowell Neset

    Director Of Design & Development - Ink Studios

    Product Design & Development

  • Eric Isaksen

    Senior Consultant - Booz Allen Hamilton


  • Luis Vega

    Director Of Operations - Plugout


  • Adam Hotzoglou

    Intellectual Property Attorney - Botos Churchill IP Law LLP

    IP, Trademark, Legal

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Visit our non-profit

Through Blue Heart Hero, we continue to work with organizations and universities to hear the needs of the disabled communities and teach the students how to design with everyone in mind.

Blue Heart Hero Website

Entities assisting us with our mission: Xometry, New York Public Library, Cornell University, Art Center College of Design, and more.

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We make your problem our problem. Let us know what product or task in your life can be improved. Your stories fuel our design and innovation.

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