5 Design Secrets We Used to Create the Ultimate Comfortable Mug

5 Design Secrets We Used to Create the Ultimate Comfortable Mug

The thought behind the design of the CURVD mug was to stay as close as possible to the popular gift shop mugs, the same classic customizable white mugs you find at every diner. If the look of the mug is anything too far from “the average”, it will be recognized as a special tool, or only designed for the disabled. This would never be an inclusive design. 
Man explaining the design of the ergonomic CURVD mug to a woman on whiteboard
While we tried keeping the overall look familiar and recognizable, ergonomic, comfortable, we wanted a new, modern, minimal look to improve the current gift shop mugs to encourage businesses to change their view of customizable mugs for their marketing.
Man holding ceramic mug prototype of ergonomic CURVD mug in a ceramic studio
Man sketching mugs on paper with CURVD mug prototype on the table
We identified common mistakes in the usability of the majority of mugs in the market. We tested numerous mugs from well-known brands, those that are designed for people with Parkinson, and those who offer great aesthetics. 
Man looking at 2 3D printed ergonomic CURVD mugs in a ceramic studio
Man holding an earthenware CURVD mug prototype in hand in a studio
A 3D printed mug in a wooden mold for ceramic prototyping

The design of the CURVD mug looks familiar

Here we briefly explained the science behind the design of the mug and what choices have made it to fit all hands regardless of their shapes or capabilities:
The design of the CURVD mug explained in 6 different points. The different ways of hands gripping the handle or holding the mug without a grip. 2 partial hands are displayed to explain how the design of the coffee mug allows those with disabilities to hold the mug.
White mug with a wide handle, the drawing explains the angle of the handle 
The angle serves two purposes:1- Natural grip for every hand is at a certain angle, we optimized that based on testing with 200+ users.2- That tapered design allows those with partial limbs to hold the mug with ease.
2 amputee hands holding the CURVD mug in different ways. One is missing lower limb and one hand is missing fingers. Both are able to hold the CURVD mug with no problem.
The wide handle helps with holding the mug from slipping inside the hand. The firm grip inside the fingers holds the mug from rotating sideways. It also allows the mug to rest on the hand of those with lower dexterity.
Drawings of hands holding the CURVD mug differently. One is resting the mug on the hand and one is holding it with two hands,.
White CURVD mug's wide handle explained in drawing
White classic CURVD mug's handle profile explained in drawings.
The smooth profile of the handle helps with a soft touch, comfortable grip, ergonomic, and enjoyable drinking experience.The wide opening makes it easy for women’s hand to slide in and to transfer the weight to the muscles rather than finger joints. 
Two hands holding the CURVD mug differently.
The smooth top and bottom ensure no pinching for those who like to slide their fingers inside. 
CURVD classic white ceramic mug with Human Friendly print on the body. The drawing explains the smooth corners of the mug providing a better grip.
The ergonomic modern looking CURVD mug looks elevated with the smooth curved bottom
The smooth bottom creates a friendlier experience while giving the mug on your desk an elevated look.

1- Design Innovation:

Until now, those with upper limb differences, arthritis, Parkinson or hidden disabilities could not do something as simple as dine out in restaurants due to the lack of accessibility seen in common dinnerware. The focus of design was the shape of the handle. It was created by considering all hand and upper limb shapes. 
The wide handle provides the best grip for a typical hand shape, and locks the mug from rotating around the centerline of the handle. The specific angle transfers the pressure from finger joints to the muscles, allowing the handle to rest on all fingers or the palm of the hand, resulting in a comfortable grip. 
Featured Finalist at International Design Excellence Awards 2021
In the past, medical professionals have prototyped and tested mugs that solve this issue, but they all lacked familiarity and were not attractive to the everyday consumer.

2- Benefit to User:

The majority of our end-users are those with upper limb challenges and differences. Regardless of their limb shape or challenges, lifting a drinking vessel with one arm or with their less active arm allows them to be more productive, multi-task, and carry out functions that were not previously possible. Furthermore, this product will improve the quality of  life for the user and empower them by providing options that are available to everyone else.  
Our ergonomic mug will increase productivity, range of motion, and seamlessly integrate into the everyday life of the user.
Old man with arthritis holding the ergonomic CURVD mug with ease
In our restaurant example, those with upper limb challenges reported that they felt a sense of inclusion and independence not having to ask for a cup that would be easier for them to hold. In other words, they did not require any special provisions to be made for them and their disability.

3- Benefit to Client/Brands:

When purchasing mugs for a restaurant or for a business, the same considerations can be made for Curvd that would be made for any other mug. However, unlike most mugs, CURVD mug will accommodate everyone that will use them. They can be purchased for any establishment and be easily incorporated with the rest of the dinnerware. 
People at coffee shop cheering with white CURVD mugs with company logo print on it. Two people have partial hands, amputees. One woman has only one hand, disability.
Our brand focuses on inclusivity, meaning that all of our products possess ease of use for each and every human on the planet.

4- Benefit to Society:

CURVD products are designed with everyone in mind to create a more Human Friendly world. By nature, the design accommodates every type of limb to offer an inclusive and accessible experience like never before. Those with both visible and hidden disabilities will feel more accepted by society because attention is not being called to their physical differences and capabilities. 
People holding the CURVD mug
Simply put, this mug can be used by anyone in any setting. It is our hope that by incorporating this level of inclusivity in all our products, we will make an impact on the world. Our brand focuses on inclusivity, collaboration, comfort and aesthetics, meaning that all of our products possess the ease of use for each and every human on the planet.  

5- Aesthetic Values:

We value aesthetics no more or less than inclusivity. The CURVD mug represents more than a tangible solution to an everyday problem. The smooth curves represent good nature and friendliness. The wide handle provides a feeling of safety and security. The comfort provided by less pressure on finger joints offers relaxation.  
CURVD classic white mug on a wooden table with partial plant shadow on top
Finally, the warmth that radiates from the contents of a comfortably held mug brings joy. 
Custom Print Branded Mug for Corporate Gift Mug or Merchandise. WHite CURVD mug on the kitchen counter with the HUman friendly custom print. Sublimation mug for custom print orders for brands, marketing teams, or merhcandise.

Inclusive Products Don't Stand Out.

We intentionally created this mug in the same colors as a gift shop and diner mugs to look as familiar as possible. We improved the quality compared to low-cost ceramic mugs to avoid cracking when dropped. The mug is 10% lighter than mugs with the same fluid capacity. The glossy finish makes the mug easier to clean. It is the same size as standard mugs and fits easily in commercial dishwashers for mass-market appeal. The mugs are also sublimation coated for ease of business logo application.

Below view the CURVD mug in 3D 😊

Click and drag on the area below to rotate the mug and view it from different angles. Click on the tags to learn more about the design and details about the mug.
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