3 Reasons Why the Gift Mug was the Best Start for CURVD.

3 Reasons Why the Gift Mug was the Best Start for CURVD.

Lots of people ask about why CURVD selected coffee mugs for start.

If you’re wondering why, we answered lots of questions in this article 🙂 

What is the Best Product to Upgrade?

At first, the co-founders reviewed lots of products: clothes, furniture, packaging design, drawing tools, towels, drinkware, etc. The idea was to redesign an everyday object that:

  • hasn’t been upgraded in a long time
  • everyone uses it every day
  • businesses use it
  • customizable
  • no shelf life
  • easy to manufacture 
  • low overhead cost for the launch
  • easy to understand 
  • easy to store and ship

The ceramic mug hits every item on the list. We wrote an article only on the design of our work, read more here. 

Everyone Loves Good Design.

The earliest mugs date back to the prehistoric Neolithic Stone Age and were made out of bone and had no handles.Mugs began to be made out of clay. This made decorating the cups and adding handles, much easier. The first cup made on potter’s wheels were found in about 2000 BCE.

(Credit: Crestline.com)

Credit: Crestline
Credit: Crestline

When you look at the handles, it is nothing different than current giftshop mugs and modern designs. At CURVD, we believe this status needs to change, time to upgrade the promotional mugs. 

Upgrading the Promotional Mug Design.

While we tried keeping the overall look familiar, recognizable, ergonomic and comfortable, we wanted a new, modern, minimal design to improve the current gift shop mugs to encourage businesses to change their view of customizable mugs for their marketing.

White CURVD Ergonomic Comfortable mug on the white background.
Man holding the CURVD coffee mug at a coffeeshop in Brooklyn NY
Customer drinking coffee at Burly Coffee, Brooklyn NY.

Businesses who are looking to stand out in the competition appreciate an inclusive, modern, and well-designed promotional product. Learn more here.

Almost every startup in the field of promotional products focuses on sustainability and aesthetics.  While we value those at CURVD, our primary focus is usability, inclusivity, and accessibility. We call it the Human Friendly mission. We design our products with everyone in mind to include everybody and every body in our design process. 

We believe an inclusive product should not look anything different than average one in the market, the picture below explains it better. You would not know if anyone below was holding CURVD mug or not. That’s the true definition of inclusivity. 

Hands holding coffee mugs in different colors
Different drinkware held by different hands.

Drinking a hot beverage is what we all do everyday. Not all of us can hold a mug easily. Due to the design of the coffee mugs, lots of people aren’t able to enjoy a beverage without a special drinkware. 

Lucky Fin Project logo printed on CURVD mug. Promotional mug by Lucky Fin for disabled community gifting them with CURVD mug.
Lucky Fin Project
IBDpros logo
International Business Development Professionals

CURVD Creates New Possibilities.

While current mug designs are easy to hold for the majority of people, it doesn’t work for differently-abled people.  

A simple twist in the design can create new opportunities, the image on the left is India drinking her favorite tea for the first time with her partial hand. The middle image is Vanessa, she calls her late night warm milk her coffee, how cute is that! 

Woman with partial hand drinks with CURVD mug
Little amputee girl with partial limb holding the ergonomic human friendly CURVD mug
Old man with arthritis holding the ergonomic CURVD mug with ease

CURVD will strive by introducing new products in different categories and redesigning them with everyone in mind. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay tuned with new pattern releases and new product lanches. 

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